Outage: A Lost Tale

OVer OUtage: a lost tale

Outage a lost tale is a project that was made by Rutger Lyklema and Rik van de Kraats started in 2014. It was a project that was made in the Minor Digitale Media Productions.

Outage a lost tale is a “story driven game” where the player is exploring an deserted island. By exploring the island the player gets to know more what had happened on this island.

My share in this project was creating the story, and modelling 3D objects, editing the audio in de game, making the UI in the game and creating promotion material and logo’s for the project.


  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Audition
  • Unreal Development Kit
  • 3Ds Max
  • Layar
  • Indesign

3d Models


neergestort vliegtuig in game footage

Neergestort lancaster model
Vliegtuig 360


verroest blik in game footage
In-game blik
tent in game footage met inrichting bed en blik
In-game blikken
Verroest blik bonen
Blik bonen
verroest blik
Blik outage

Promotion material

Logo outage

Klein logo Outage
Small logo
Logo Outage a lost tale


Promotie poster Outage a lost tale



Splashscreen Outage a lost tale
Splashscreen Outage